I Will Survive – Horn Chart

I Will Survive has to be the most often played song in the recent history of dance/party bands. Gloria Gaynor’s hit 1979 disco anthem is probably already in your band’s repertoire or at least on the list of tunes you should know. Most of the time horn bands just play this from memory and the results are often mixed. I Will Survive is a deceptively simple tune, and there are the usual traps to fall into. With this detailed arrangement transcribed note for note from the original recording (the shorter 3:18 version) you can finally nail this tune accurately. The horns will know when to come in, and what harmony notes to play. The string parts are all transcribed and notated. There are cues for the string lines in the horn parts as well in case you don’t have a string section in your band. And the tricky sections where nobody is sure when to come back in will be made clear to everyone. By all means play this tune from memory, but make sure everyone is memorizing the same arrangement!

PDF sheet music parts for:

  • trumpet
  • alto saxophone
  • tenor saxophone
  • baritone saxophone
  • trombone
  • strings
  • guitar
  • piano
  • bass
  • drums
  • full score


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