Free Horn Chart

For a limited time we are giving away this free horn chart to anyone who wants to check out the amazing quality of the horn arrangements on Horn Band Charts. We are so proud of the attention to detail, and easy readability of our charts that we want you to see it first hand, before you decide to purchase anything.

If you are tired of hard to read, sloppy sheet music that has been photocopied a million times. If you’ve had enough of the wrong notes, wrong rhythms, and inaccuracies. If you really just want your band to sound the best, then you need to start getting your horn charts on!


Every nuanced detail of page layout and note spacing has been considered. Which accidentals are easiest to read for all instruments is always thought through. Even the size of the notes and page turns are taken into account in the creation of these beautiful, professional horn charts. Using the most advanced professional notation software and years of arranging and horn section playing experience, we are now able to offer you a selection of the best horn charts available anywhere.  Start with this FREE horn chart for Soul Man by Sam & Dave.

Download the free horn chart from this page, and see for yourself. There are many more horn charts like it on the site, so come back for more once you’ve seen how good the quality really is.


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