Crazy In Love – Horn Chart

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have had a huge hit with Crazy In Love which means there’s another top 40 song in the standard repertoire of horn bands everywhere. Even though this song uses sampled loops, the form is very tricky. As we were transcribing this arrangement, it occurred to us that as the chart is relatively simple on the whole as far as the notes go, the alternating sections don’t follow any set pattern and are of odd bar lengths. Therefore, this chart is essential in order to keep the horns and band together with the vocalists.

Usually with modern R&B horn charts like this we end up putting lots of repeat bar lines in, but not with Crazy In Love. The whole thing had to be written out long form. Don’t worry, we still managed to fit it on one page for the horns.

There is not a lot going on in the rhythm section for this tune on the original recording as it is essentially a drum and bass track. So we doubled the horn lines in the piano and have the guitar playing the lead trumpet line. This can help if you don’t have a full horn section and want to beef up the sound a bit.

Individual PDF Sheet Music Parts Included:

  • trumpet
  • alto saxophone
  • tenor saxophone
  • trombone
  • baritone saxophone
  • guitar
  • piano
  • bass
  • drums
  • full score


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