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Horn Charts for School and University Bands

horn charts for school bandSummer is over and once again, it’s time to go back to school. For music teachers and music students this means a new school year and new repertoire. Horn Band Charts offers a great selection of horn charts for school bands that cover a wide variety of styles, genres and musical periods.

More and more, schools and universities are offering smaller jazz ensembles or stage bands. If you are looking for repertoire, for a group like this have a look through the Horn Band Chart Catalog. You’re sure to find at least a few charts that will be perfect for your next concert.

Flexible Instrumentation

Our charts are designed to be flexible and used with various instrumentations. Generally, the horn parts included are for trumpet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, trombone, baritone saxophone. This covers the standard instruments of all jazz programs. There are also rhythm section parts for most of the horn charts. These will include parts for guitar, piano/keyboard, bass and drums. All of the arrangements come with a conductor’s score as well.

Difficulty Range from Easy to Difficult

You’ll find pieces covering a wide range of difficulties within the Horn Band Charts catalog. All of our charts are transcribed from the original versions. If you are not sure of the difficulty level of a particular horn chart, I suggest listening to the original version on youtube to determine if your students can handle the piece.

Charts from a Variety of Musical Styles and Genres

Browse the catalog according to style to find what you’re looking for, or use the search box on every page to find a particular title. We have Jazz charts, funk, soul, and contemporary pop selections. Horn arrangements are also categorized by decade. Hover over the categories tab in the main menu to see a full list of all the horn chart categories.

Easy to Read – Easier to Rehearse – Easier to Play

Horn charts that are clear and easy to read are essential for all musicians, but especially younger students. When printed out you will have professional quality sheet music just like you are accustomed to from major music publishers. Download the free sample chart to see an example.

Having an easy to read chart that is laid out with the musician (and conductor) in mind is a big time and work saver. Measure numbers at the beginning of every system as well as rehearsal marks will be a big help during rehearsals. Page turns are also considered and optimized for every instrumental part.

Popular with major Universities and Military Bands

Arrangements from Horn Band Charts are currently being played and performed all over the world by professional groups, but also major universities and military bands. High Schools around the world are enjoying these charts and are finally able to offer a more diverse repertoire to their students. Having access to horn charts for some of the modern songs that young people are familiar with can really help get kids and audiences excited about their performances.

Highly Adaptable Horn Charts for School Bands

Whatever your group’s instrumentation, you can adapt our horn charts to fit. If you need flute or clarinet parts for example, just ask and we’ll be glad to add them. Send requests after your purchase has been completed. This service is provided at no extra charge one time for each chart purchased if needed.

Discounts for bulk purchases

When purchasing horn charts for school bands, the budget may be tight. Take advantage of the discounts for bulk purchases. the more you buy, the greater the savings. Consider ordering all of your school’s horn charts at once to maximize the savings.

When you purchase 2 horn charts you get 10% off your entire order

When you purchase 3 horn charts you get 15% off your entire order

When you purchase 4 or more charts you get 20% off your entire order

When you purchase 5 or more charts you get 25% off your entire order

20 or more charts gets you 50% off everything!

These new discounts will automatically be applied at checkout.

horn chart catalog discountEntire catalog at 60% discount

If you order the entire catalog which will give your school enough repertoire for years to come, you get a huge discount as well as access to future charts at the same rate of -60%. Order the full Horn Band Charts for Schools catalog here.

Can’t Stop the Feeling! by Justin Timberlake Horn Chart

Horn Chart for Can’t Stop the Feeling! Now Available

Firstly, I must apologize for the delay. I should have done this chart a few months back when some users initially asked for it. It’s been a very busy summer with gigs and other general business going on.

can't stop the feelingI have always been a fan of Justin Timberlake ever since his Dick in a Box skit on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately the original video is not available so the link is to a live MSG performance.

Anyway, Can’t Stop the Feeling! is actually a very cool little tune and arrangement for music created for mass consumption. I expect this tune to remain very popular for years to come. It will make anyone want to dance, and that’s the idea. There is a neat little harmonic progression in the bridge section, and some rather jazzy (upper extention triad or slash) chords in the verse. Nothing too fancy though of course.

The horn lines are simple, but require a bit of technique to pull off accurately. The bass line is very groove. In my chart, I’ve written it out note for note for you to keep bass players from noodling around too much.

Here’s the orignal version of this tune on YouTube:

Download the chart here:


PDF Sheet Music Parts Included:

  • trumpet
  • alto saxophone
  • tenor saxophone
  • trombone
  • baritone saxophone
  • guitar
  • keyboard
  • piano
  • bass
  • drums
  • full score


Once your transaction is complete, you will be redirected to a page with download links. You will also be sent an email to the address provided at checkout with the same links. You can click the links and immediately download the pdf files in .zip format. Just unzip the file and each individual part will be ready for viewing on your computer or tablet screen or for printing. Registered users have access to all previous downloads and purchase history. Enjoy!

Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley Horn Chart added

Without knowing that today is the 35th anniversary of Bob Marley’s death, I by strange coincidence just transcribed the original recording of Buffalo Soldier and put it up on the site. While listening to the Legend album that I put on for my young daughter, it occurred to me that we should really have a horn chart for one of these classic, timeless songs. Buffalo Soldier was on at that moment, so I sat down at the piano and worked out the chart.

I know this one probably doesn’t get played that much these days, but I had fun finally transcribing some great Bob Marley music. Maybe I’ll do Satisfy My Soul next. that tune has a great horn arrangement as well.

As per usual, this arrangement was written for 3 horns trumpet, tenor sax and trombone. I’ve added an alto sax part that doubles the trumpet, and a baritone sax part that doubles the trombone part in order to accommodate different instrumentation configurations.

There are also two percussion parts in addition to the drum kit part. These are essential parts of the arrangement to my ears, and may be useful for school bands or vocalists that want to play hand percussion on this one.


September Chart Now has Rhythm Section Parts

September Horn Chart now with rhythm section parts

After many requests, I have finally gotten around to adding rhythm section parts to the chart for September by Earth Wind and Fire. If you are a registered user and have already purchased September, you can download the new version from your account page.

If you purchased without registering as a user, send me an email with your order number if you have it and I’ll send you a copy. info@hornbandcharts.com

This was a chart that I originally did a very long time ago for a band where the rhythm section players didn’t read music. It’s true that the parts for the rhythm section are quite repetitive and the music should be very easily and quickly memorized by professional performers, but these new parts will help less experienced musicians learn the music and provide sheet music for school bands.

I will be sending out an email to all those who have purchased this chart, but in case you don’t receive the message I wanted to post a note here.

New Charts added for November!

We finally got around to getting some new charts up on the site. Some have been sitting around on the hard drive for a while and had to be dug up and some others are newly transcribed. Among the new additions are some classic, hard to find soul and soul-jazz arrangements. To keep things fresh, we made a great horn chart for Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass as well.

Here’s a list with links to all the new material.

One Fine Morning – Lighthouse

More Today Than Yesterday – Spiral Starecase

Clean Up Woman – Betty Wright

Do You Feel Me – Anthony Hamilton

All About That Bass – Meghan Trainor

Soulful Strut – Young-Holt Unlimited

Grazing In The Grass – Hugh Masekela

There’s going to be lot’s more great horn charts added in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out and check back often. Don’t hesitate to send us a message suggesting a good chart to add to the collection.

All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor Horn Chart added

New Hit Tune for Your Repertoire

When we first heard All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor on the radio our first though was… “horn chart”.

It was the bari sax part that sold it really. Anyway, we got to work, and came up with a nice chart that has a part for everyone in the band. In addition to the great bari lines towards the end of the song, we have added parts to the other horns (trumpet, alto, tenor and trombone) to round out the arrangement. These horn lines are based on some of the backing vocals and guitar parts already present in the recording.

As always this horn chart is transcribed note for note for absolute accuracy and the music is laid out beautifully using professional notation software so the parts are very clear and easy to read.

Great For Cover Bands and Student Ensembles

If you’ve got a cover band playing bars, corporate parties, club dates, weddings or any type of event, you’ve probably already been asked to play All About that Bass. Save precious rehearsal time by picking up this chart. Your band should be able to read it right down and nail it like they’ve had it in the book for years.

If you’ve got a student ensemble and are looking for some current music to keep the younger generation tuned in, All About That Bass is a perfect match. Your students will love the opportunity to play some current music on their instruments. Have a look through the rest of the Horn Band Charts catalog for tons of other arrangements easily adapted to school bands.


The Importance of Good Horn Charts

For horn section players, the need for the best, most accurate horn charts is obvious. You want to be reading the correct notes and rhythms, and you want it to be easily legible on the gig and at the rehearsals. You want the minimum of page turns, and your want those page turns to be placed in logical spots, where you will have the time to turn the page. All manner of repeats, D.S.s and Coda markings need to be clearly marked and easy enough to follow the first time through the chart and every time. And you don’t want to have unnecessary rests, empty bars, and random markings cluttering the sheet music.

Is Your band playing from Good Horn Charts, or the alternative?

Unfortunately, many or all of the above necessities for horn charts are often absent from the ones put in front of you to play. This is especially true when dealing with music from the soul, pop, rock and funk genres. These styles typically use a smaller horn section of 2 – 5 horns and the arrangements were often scribbled out in the studio for the musicians on the session. We’ve relied on whatever transcriptions were available to us over the decades for playing these tunes in cover bands. All too often, however, these transcriptions have been prepared to a less than ideal standard.

All Too Common Inaccuracies

Have you ever been given a chart to read and had trouble deciphering the notes and rhythms due to the sloppiness of the manuscript? Have you ever been playing a chart and came across wrong notes in your parts? Have you ever come across rhythms that were hard to read or incorrect? Have you ever had a part with difficult or impossible page turns? Have you ever tried to read a chart that was barely visible due to being photocopied hundreds of times?

If you’ve done any sort of horn band gigs, the answers to those questions are likely, yes. The list of common inaccuracies and problems in horn charts can get very long and every little detail gets between you and a solid performance.

You Can’t Groove With Mistakes in the Chart

We all want to sound our very best when playing, and we want the group as a whole to be grooving or swinging as the case may be. If there’s a horn section, this part begins with the charts you’re reading. Wrong notes and rhythms kill groove and good vibes. Getting lost in the tune is usually referred to as a train wreck and for good reason. Don’t let this happen, or continue to happen to your band. Make sure you’re playing the best quality, most accurate horn charts you can find for the tunes you’re performing. Throw away the old stuff that’s been holding the band back and move forward.

Time is Money

We all know how tough it is to get everyone together for rehearsals. When the band is large enough to have a 2-5 piece horn section, this task becomes even more immense. The thing that will slow you down the most, and waste an enormous amount of everyone’s valuable time is mistakes in the charts. We’ve all been there. During rehearsal, there is something that doesn’t sound right, and nobody can quite figure it out. This doesn’t stop everyone from trying of course, and the next 15 minutes is spent trying to work out the correct voicing of the horn hit in bar 37 and then the tenor sax player says, “oh wait, I think that’s an Eb. Sorry, it’s really hard to read this handwritten chart from 1982.”

In the end, the time it would have taken to rehearse a tune up to a performance level with a good horn chart is spent decoding the crappy one you’ve got. Additionally, the pro musicians you have showing up to rehearsals are likely to become impatient and irritable. Bad rehearsals lead to bad gigs and poor performances.

Good Horn Charts Make Musicians Want to Rehearse

On the other hand, a solid and accurate horn chart, can make a world of difference in the rehearsal studio and on stage. When a band can breeze through repertoire during rehearsals, and it all comes together effortlessly, good groovy music can happen. The result of this is happy musicians, that are much more agreeable when asked to come rehearse. Do your band a favor and make rehearsals fun and musical by starting with good horn charts.


Glitch fixed.

Hi everyone,

There was a little glitch that prevented users from creating a new account in order to download the free chart and make purchases. This was due to a pesky plugin that needed to be updated. Looks like it’s been fixed, and all should be working normally.

Thanks to the heads up users that sent me messages and sorry for the technical problem. More charts are on their way.

Get Lucky Horn Chart Available for Download

New Get Lucky Horn Chart

Pharell Williams joined up with French house music duo Daft Punk in a very successful collaboration that resulted in the number one, best song grammy winning single, Get Lucky. Horn Band Charts has always primarily focused on the classic horn band repertoire, but lately the trend has been to create new arrangements for popular songs that don’t necessarily have horns in the original recording. This new horn chart for Get Lucky by Daft Punk ft. Pharell Williams, is another great addition. Last month we created a chart for Happy by Pharell Williams and that has been very popular.

Original Arrangement, Classic Style

This horn arrangement is based on the original radio edit version of the song 4:08 and is composed in a seamless disco/funk style to make it sound as though it were part of the original. The horn lines are simple and subtle where the music needs a complement but also help to bring alive the parts of the tune with more open space by showcasing some hip horn riffs. Just the right balance has been achieved.

Live Performances

If you have a band playing weddings, club dates, or any live performance, you probably are getting requests for Get Lucky all the time. Take the performance to the next level by adding a slick horn arrangement. Don’t leave the horn section with nothing to do while everyone else is dancing!

Perfect for School Bands

This horn chart will also work great for groups of younger musicians and school bands and combos. Teachers, kids are always asking you to let them play the stuff they hear on the radio. Well, today is your lucky day. Get this horn arrangement and make everyone happy.

More great contemporary charts are on the way soon, so keep an I out and come back to HornBandCharts.com soon!

Crazy In Love Horn Chart Now Available

Crazy In Love by Beyoncé and Jay-Z

We have been getting requests for this chart so here it is. After doing the transcription, I understand why a chart is absolutely necessary in order to play this tune. There are two basic sections, and the horn lines are relatively simple, as are the rhythm section parts, but the form is very tricky and doesn’t follow any typical pattern with regards to repeats and bar lengths.

Tricky form

If you want to perform this tune accurately, the band is going to have to really memorize a tricky form that has sections of 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 bars. Which section is what length and where does it get played? Or you can download Horn Band Charts new Horn Chart for Crazy In Love by Beyoncé and Jay-Z and the band can nail it with little or no rehearsal time!

There are parts for five horns as well as rhythm section parts. The Piano is doubling the horns since on the original there is no keyboard being played. Also the guitar is doubling the lead trumpet part. This will help especially if you don’t have a full horn section and want to build up the sound some.

Keep your requests for new charts coming please.

Happy by Pharrell Williams – Horn Chart now Available

Happy Horn Chart

We’ve been getting loads of requests for this tune and finally got a chance to put an arrangement of Happy by Pharrell Williams together. I’m very happy with the results (completely unintentional pun) and sure that you’ll be as well.

Original Arrangement

The arrangement I’ve put together is simple and meant to be a complement to the original recording and not an all out horn section feature. This song is very simple in nature, so this new arrangement should feel right in place. There are parts for 5 horns: trumpet, alto, tenor, trombone, and baritone sax.

Rhythm Section Parts

All the rhythm section parts are provided in detail and should help make this tune an easy read down for any band and allow you to really nail it. The individual PDF horn parts are carefully laid out as always with careful attention taken to details of clarity and accuracy. Guitar, keys, bass and drums are all there.

Now your band can enjoy performing this hit on your live shows and concerts, and hopefully impress the audience with the slick horn arrangement you’ve added to the original.

More Bruno Mars Horn Charts Available

Locked Out of Heaven Horn Chart just added

The number one hit of last year Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars is ready to be downloaded from Horn Band Charts. We transcribed this from live performances that can be found on youtube.

Bruno Mars is Changing Modern Pop Music

There are so many great things about Bruno Mars and his band. Besides the fantastic music that has raised the standard for all pop acts today, there is the cool choreography by mostly non-professional dancers. The thing we here at Horn Band Charts love most though is the fact that he has all his musicians, horn section included, in the front line on stage right next to him. This is exactly the sort of thing we would like to see more of as horn players. His inclusion and emphasis on having a 3 piece horn section on all his concerts and live performances is great for horn bands as it really helps to legitimize and justify having a horn section in this age of DJs, synths, and backing tracks. His outstanding Super Bowl performance has capped off an incredible year of success for a deserving talent.

Top Request for Wedding Bands

If your band can get the dance moves together, than you’re sure to book some more gigs this year. Here’s another youtube clip of Bruno Mars and his band performing Locked Out of Heaven live in Paris. Notice how they play the exact same arrangement.

Bruno Mars is the hottest thing right now, and your band probably should have some of his music in your repertoire in order to stay current. It’s a sure thing that this and other tunes will be high on the request list of all weddings and events this summer.

 Perfect for School Ensembles

If you’ve got school jazz bands or student vocal ensembles that want to play current pop arrangements, these new Bruno Mars horn charts are the perfect thing for learning music and keeping your students interested. For band and choir directors, these charts are exactly what we’ve been looking for. All rhythm section parts are included as well as parts for Bb and Eb horns. If you’ve got special instrumentation, just make a request, and we’ll add parts for whatever you need.

Here’s the pages where you can download some: Bruno Mars Locked Out of Heaven Horn Chart and Bruno Mars Treasure Horn Chart.

Treasure by Bruno Mars

Treasure by Bruno Mars added to Catalogue

We’ve finally added a Bruno Mars tune to the list of great horn charts available for download. This one is a bit overdue admittedly, but better late and really good, than early and inaccurate. We have painstakingly transcribed Treasure note for note from live performance videos on youtube and created this chart for your band.

If you’ve been listening to the radio at all in the last few years, you have heard Bruno Mars… a lot! The good news is that for once, the stuff on the radio, sounds good, really good in fact. This guy is the real deal, and is single handedly saving pop music, as well as bringing back some of the things that have been missing in the pop music business for a long time. He sings great (and can do it live) and has a band of real musicians that can actually play their instruments. The best part for us horn players is that continuing in the vein of Amy Winehouse, he has integrated horns in his band (at least for live performances) and let’s all hope that this becomes more of a trend in popular music. We are looking forward to his next album and hopefully the horns will be on the studio recordings too (transcribing will be much easier!)

If you haven’t seen any of Bruno Mars’ live videos you should check them out now.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/uNKZxjg_IzE?rel=0″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

This one is where we transcribed the horn chart for Treasure.

Since his amazing Super Bowl performance, we thought we had better get some of his horn charts up on the site as there must be loads of bands wanting to perform this tune. The others are not far behind so check back soon, and please shoot us a message if you have some suggestions as to what charts should be next.


Latest horn chart additions for January 2014

New Content for January and More to Come!

2014 is going to see loads of new content on Horn Band Charts. So far we have added some classic charts that have frequently been requested. These include another KC and the Sunshine Band staple Shake Your Booty and the Eddie Floyd soul standard Knock On Wood.

Both of these charts are essential repertoire for any horn band, and get played a lot. These are the types of tunes that bands sometimes try to “fake” and play from memory, but the problem arises of everyone’s memory being slightly different. Another issue that comes up is that there are lots of hand written charts floating around out there, and sometimes the chart that the sax player has doesn’t match up with the trumpet player’s chart or with what the rhythm section is playing. Not to mention the different keys these songs are sometimes performed in.

All these problems and many more are easily solved with a horn chart from Horn Band Charts as you already know. Whether you want to save rehearsal time, tighten up the band’s sound, have a book that any sub can read down on the gig, or be able to play these tunes in a band thrown together at the last moment, a quality arrangement is what you need.

The other recent additions are new horn chart bundles. We’ve created a great way to beef up your band’s repertoire and save money. The new Earth Wind and Fire horn chart bundle includes 6 of their hits for an amazing price of $40.

With this bundle, you get all these charts with individual pdf sheet music parts for each instrument. Of course, registered users have access to their prior purchases through their account page on the website.

There is also a new Tower of Power horn char bundle available. This one includes 8 classic tunes by the greatest horn band of all time. All 8 of these great charts for only $60.

Lots more content is on the way so send us your requests and ideas.

Get Down Tonight horn chart added

In the coming weeks, we will be adding several classic disco horn charts to the site. Last month we finished the work on Blame It On The Boogie by The Jacksons, and today we have completed Get Down Tonight by KC and the Sunshine Band. These are the sort of tunes that all bands need to round out the repertoire and extend the sets, especially at the end of the night when people are dancing. The more of these charts in the book, the longer you can keep them dancing.

KC and the Sunshine Band’s music is fun to play and full of great horn lines the ride on top of a solid rhythm section groove. This particular tune dates all the way back to 1974. 40 years old and still being played nightly around the world.  Now that’s a classic!

There’s more and more of this stuff to come soon, so check back soon and often.

Rhythm section parts make a huge difference.

Rhythm Sections need charts too!

I started doing horn charts for the bands I played in because I was sick of showing up to rehearsals and gigs, and reading parts with lots of mistakes in them. At first I only did the horn parts as it seemed that the rhythm section guys had there parts together from listening to them. Once we started rehearsing my new perfectly transcribed beautiful charts, however, I realized that the rhythm section wasn’t always playing the right rhythms and harmony to match what the horns were playing. This is a result of cats learning tunes by ear on their own or on the bandstand, and over years, developing their own comping rhythms or even song forms, that don’t always match the original.

This is all fine of course for small groups, but if your band’s goal is to really recreate a sound like the original recording it’s preferable if the entire band is lining up rhythmically and harmonically all the way through the song.

This is where rhythm section parts come in and help save you tons of time in rehearsals as well as get the music sounding really tight and professional. Lots of guitar, bass and keyboard players, love to have a chart for reference during rehearsals, and not necessarily to use during a performance. And don’t forget drummers they can read music too! Also, if you plan on recording any of these arrangements, it is essential to have a detailed chart to keep everyone together.

All the charts available here on Horn Band Charts have measure numbers and rehearsal marks throughout all the parts and scores to enable everyone to get to the exact same spot during rehearsals. This way the group can easily focus on any given section of the song without having to start from the beginning each time. The most helpful part of having an accurate chart for every musician in the band, is that you know there will be no surprises, and the music will be correct on every musical level. The rhythm section parts you will get here, include bass lines, guitar and piano parts, as well as the corresponding chord symbols throughout the music. The rhythms are all included for all instruments, so the hits and endings all come together as they should.

Perfect for School Bands

Our horn charts should be called full band charts, because there are really parts created for an entire band. Many of our customers are school band directors, or conservatory musicians that are looking for ensemble repertoire. These arrangements are perfectly suited for this purpose. Having instrumentation for several different transposing instruments allows endless possibilities for horn section musicians, and there is always the option to add parts for other instruments, such as flute, clarinet, french horn, etc.

Blame It On The Boogie Horn Chart Now Available

A Disco Classic by Michael Jackson

We have added a classic disco tune to the Horn Band Charts catalog. Blame It On The Boogie by The Jacksons led by Michael Jackson is one of the most danceable, groovy hits of the disco era, and is a must for your band’s dance set. Of course this song would not be complete without the fantastic horn arrangement that goes with it and now you can get it here in downloadable pdf format instantly and get to playing this chart right away.  Also included in this note for note transcription along with the 5 individual horn parts (trumpet, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, trombone) are detailed rhythm section parts for guitar, piano, bass and drums, so everything you need to have a spectacular performance is here and ready to be printed out and put on the music stand.  There’s even a full conductor’s score.

As I was transcribing this horn chart, I noticed there were several complexities in the rhythm and harmony that can easily get overlooked. The rhythms of the horn lines are challenging and there are some unexpected surprises in the rhythm section as well. The lesson learned here is they just don’t write ’em like they used to. All the more reason to stick with the classics when choosing your repertoire. Songs like this one are timeless, and appeal to every generation and will continue to do so for generations.

Blame It On the Boogie has got to be one of the most fun tunes to play and is guaranteed to fill up the dance floor.

The Free Horn Chart Offer is Back!

freeFree Horn Chart!

We’ve got the free horn chart offer back up and running this week. Take advantage of this no strings attached free horn chart deal. We are giving away Soul Man by Sam & Dave.soul-man This chart will be available for a limited time absolutely free to show off the great quality of what’s available on Horn Band Charts.

Soul Man is one of those horn charts that gets faked in loads of bands, since it is appears to be relatively simple. Unfortunately, this fantastic Stax records arrangement is more complex than you first think. Not only that, the horn lines are challenging, and if there are 2 or more horns playing this tune, it is easy to get sloppy quickly.

Even if your band already has a horn chart for Soul Man, I urge you to download this free arrangement and try it out to see the difference. You’ll see a difference as soon as you look at it surely, and when the band plays the chart down, with no mistakes, nails the intro and ending and nobody gets lost along the way, you’ll hear the difference.

This goes for all the horn charts available here. The goal of making these clear and easy to read sheet music for horn bands is to take the sloppiness and wrong notes out of performances, and tighten everything up to a professional sounding level. I started doing these charts, a while back, when I became sick and tired of reading the typical charts you see everywhere on the bandstand.

Enjoy this free horn arrangement of Soul Man, and we hope to see you back here to stock up on more great quality horn charts.

Lots of new horn charts added this week

This week we’ve added many new charts to the site. These charts have been played for years by professional bands all over the world so they have been tested, corrected and optimized. Some of the titles recently added include legendary repertoire from Stevie Wonder such as: Superstition, I Wish, Sir Duke, and Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

There are also some newly added horn charts from the Earth Wind & Fire songbook including:  Sing a Song, Shining Star and September.  More from this band to come soon!

As always, these top quality horn arrangements are done with professional notation software and are transcribed note for note by an experienced performer and arranger who has worked for many top notch bands around the world.  You will be very satisfied and will likely come back for more.

Enjoy, and look out for all the new content that’s on the way.